Sam Cam’s feet again!

Poor Samantha Cameron’s feet have been under scrutiny yet again in the national press.

The Daily Mail have published an article entitled ‘Wearing heels for more than 3 years could do you harm’  which can be found on page 3.

Quite why women’s feet are vilified so much in the press is beyond me. If women wear comfortable low heeled shoes with laces which allow plenty of toe room, they get slammed. If they wear high heels or ballet pumps or court style shoes then get their feet on show they get slammed because their feet don’t look perfect.

Women have a bit of a no win situation when it comes to shoes.

Come on men, wear some nice heels for a whole day and just see how comfortable they are.

Every one, lets show the world what normal feet look like. Take a photo of your feet and upload to  #myfeettweet