Bunions What are they? A painful swelling that occurs on the first joint of the big toe and causes it to jut out. Why do I have them? ‘”Bunions can be hereditary,” says foot expert Mougnir Boumedjane, “but they can also happen if you spend a lot of time on your feet or wear shoes […]

Diabetes levels at an all time high

Diabetes levels at an all time high More people in Scotland have diabetes than ever before – and the number is continuing to rise, according to figures published by a charity. Diabetes Scotland said the number of people registered with the condition reached an all-time high of 276,000 last year. About 17,200 of these had […]

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain Can’t wait to go and see the V&A Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition. However; I certainly see a lot of painful feet now as a result of the pleasure of wearing shoes that look amazing. Still, like everything in life, a little of what you fancy does you good – just […]