Diabetes levels at an all time high

Diabetes levels at an all time high More people in Scotland have diabetes than ever before – and the number is continuing to rise, according to figures published by a charity. Diabetes Scotland said the number of people registered with the condition reached an all-time high of 276,000 last year. About 17,200 of these had […]

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain Can’t wait to go and see the V&A Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition. However; I certainly see a lot of painful feet now as a result of the pleasure of wearing shoes that look amazing. Still, like everything in life, a little of what you fancy does you good – just […]

Car-loving Britons are too lazy to walk!

Car-loving Britons are too lazy to walk! The car-loving Britons who refuse to walk: One in five people now stroll for less than 15 minutes a day New research from the College of Podiatry which was published in the Daily Mail today states that: Research finds walking short distances almost always shunned by drivers Nearly half […]

Sam Cam’s feet again!

Sam Cam’s feet again! Poor Samantha Cameron’s feet have been under scrutiny yet again in the national press. The Daily Mail have published an article entitled ‘Wearing heels for more than 3 years could do you harm’  which can be found on page 3. Quite why women’s feet are vilified so much in the press […]


#myfeettweet It’s Foot health Month 2015, and our aim is to stop people being ashamed of their feet and to  reclaim them! Katie Owen (Sargasso and Grey) and I (both passionate West London businesses) want people to start being out and proud of those poor feet we often hide away. I frequently see people who won’t […]

3 tips for loving your feet

3 tips for loving your feet To support the Society of Podiatrist and Chiropodist’s upcoming Feet for Life campaign this month, here are my top tips! Love them, Live them, and Look after them! Love them Don’t be ashamed of your feet; reclaim them! Why not Tweet Your Feet? Take a photo of your feet and […]

Barefoot running

Barefoot running The debate that it’s better to run barefoot than in well fitted running shoes continues to run. As of yet there doesn’t appear to be any rigorous scientific research that shows barefoot running reduces injuries. If you are considering barefoot running and you will be running on hard surfaces like pavements here are […]

Take the weight off your feet!

Take the weight off your feet! British feet are getting bigger and wider. There has been an increase in two shoe sizes since 1970. The increase in shoe size has been linked to increasing weight and height. Both men and women admit to wearing incorrectly fitting shoes which are too small and narrow, risking foot problems in […]