Orthotics and Insoles

What are Orthotics?

Orthoses can help improve the way the foot contacts the ground, by helping align and support the body. They can offload pressure from painful areas, they can help restore your ability to walk, run, and do every day activities with greater comfort. Orthoses can also help:

  • Stabilise unstable joints and help prevent falls
  • Provide better arch support
  • Ease back, hip, knee, heel and big toe pain
  • Alleviate foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and achilles problems

There is a wide range of insoles to choose from at different price ranges. From simple ready-made pairs, to custom-made pairs to fit perfectly your feet.

What options can I choose from?

Custom insoles

We will carefully evaluate your requirements taking into account your particular needs such as the shoes you wear, foot problems you may have, the activities you do etc. Following your biomechanical assessment, Mougnir will take your feetprint in dynamic in the way to produce custom-made orthotics.  It can take only few days for Mougnir to accuratly make your custom-made orthotics.

Custom-made orthoses from £230 to £270.

Non customised insoles

Non-customised ready-made insoles may also provide you with an ideal solution. These are ready-made for a general range of shoe sizes.  These cost less and might be a good place to start trying to alleviate your foot problems. There can be a great difference between quality and effectiveness. Mass-produced, “one-size-fits-all” orthotics cost less, but do not always properly correct the problem, and in some instances may even cause more problems.