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Mougnir Boumedjane

The Sports Podiatrist and the Passion.

Mougnir holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Theory of Podiatric Surgery with Merit from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh), and is certified in Local Anaesthesia and Nail surgery from Glasgow Caledonian University. He gained his Postgraduate Certificate in Independent and Supplementary Prescribing from Coventry University in Pharmacology.

He graduated in Podiatry & Chiropody from the French School of Podiatry and Physiotherapy in Paris in 1998, pursuing a clinical and academic career in Sport Podiatry, Biomechanics and Posturology.

In France he managed his own Sports Podiatry Clinic for over 16 years in Fontainebleau.

In 1999, he set up a Podiatry department in the HABIB Medical Center (Riyad, Saudi Arabia).

After he gained his Postgraduate Certificate in Sport Podiatry from the University of Medicine Paris VI La Salpêtrière in 2000, Mougnir started his consulting activities for Sport-Akileïne, Adidas and New Balance.

In 2003, he obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Physiology and went to Seoul during the Student Olympic Games lecturing on fencing and gait analysis.

In 2009, he passed a Diploma in Posturology, focusing on the management of postural, balance and lower limb troubles.

Mougnir’s passion in podiatry started at a very early age at 16. He was training as an elite fencer when he sprained his ankle and was referred to the only French sports podiatrist. This led to Mougnir finding his new vocation combining both sport and podiatry.

In his early years in the profession, and being a keen water-skier, he designed and manufactured orthotics, and became a consultant to the members of the French water-skiing team.

Mougnir’s passion led him to travel all around the world as a podiatrist and to develop a strong sense of empathy towards his patients. In 2004 he set up and launched Medi-Xtrem, as medical assistance for sport elite events.

In 2005 he became a Lecturer in Sport Podiatry at the University of Medicine Paris 13, and is also well known as a podiatry consultant on the French TV5 health channel show (Le Magazine de la Santé) and Elle, Triathlete and Running magazines.

Still a keen sportsman, he trains in triathlon, regularly goes surfing, and is also an elite fencing coach at Escrime Academy in London (qualified as Fencing Instructor since 1992.